Percy White

Musician/Producer/Arranger/Band leader

Percy White grew up in Philadelphia, Pa in the '70's. So, if you ask him if he can play funk, he'll tell you "Man, I grew up in the '70's. I am funk" But that didn't stop him from listening to and appreciating other musical disciplines. While jazz is his preferred music, he plays just about every genre of music you can think of. "If it has bass, I want to play it." Percy is one of those few bassists who excels on the upright and electric bass. He started out playing electric and graduated to the upright as soon as he could afford one. Which in his case, was just after serving in the U.S. Navy. He moved to Chicago where he started his professional music career by going to jam sessions and sitting in wherever he could. He took upright lessons from Bassist Nick Schneider which improved his playing greatly. "Upright was not easy, having a great teacher helped me immensely." While in Chicago, Percy learned to play all types of music : jazz, blues, alternative rock, classical, bluegrass , etc. He played with anyone who needed a bassist. Occasionally, that included Nationally known artists as well as local acts. In 2000, Percy moved back to the east coast and quickly began making a name for himself as a competent sideman and musical director. Shortly after moving to the Maryland/DC/Virginia area, Percy joined the 257th Army National Guard band. "The military bands have some of the best musicians I have ever played with. Being able to play music and serve my country at the same time was very rewarding. I'm glad I did it." 

Since moving to the Maryland/DC/Virginia area, Percy has added a few more titles to his credit. He is the founder, and band leader for the Capital Jazz Experience, a collective of local musicians who provide quality live entertainment for public and private events in the area. In the course of leading the band, Percy has developed into an arranger and producer. He has produced music for his band and other jazz musicians in the area. Percy likes to think of himself as the 'allspice of music'. "My job is to enhance the music and hopefully facilitate the best performance for everyone involved." Whether he's playing electric bass or upright, Percy adds just the right amount of seasoning to every performance. His live shows are engaging and energetic. Check him out, whenever you get a chance. In early 2019, he played the Thailand International Jazz Conference along with local area musicians, as part of a sister city program between Washington DC and Bangkok. 

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The Capital Jazz Experience is pleased to announce that we are performing our first live public performance since last year. This Friday we will be performing in DC at the famous Mr. Henry's restaurant in the upstairs club.  We will have guest artist joining the band to give an outstanding and memorable performance. Tickets can be purchased at

Our previous shows have all been sellouts and this one promises to be a full house. So, get your tickets early and get ready to hear new music and old favorites from Washington DC's premier band of top tier musicians. 

We look forward to seeing you.